MLR Background

The Department of Ocean Development (DOD) since its inception in 1981, has been organizing, coordinating and promoting ocean development activities in the country which inter-alia include mapping of the living resources, preparing inventory of commercially exploitable living marine resources, their opti-mum utilization through ecosystem management and R & D in basic sciences on Marine Living Resou-rces & Ecology.


With the experience and expertise gained during the 8th Plan period as well as from the results of the FORV cruises, the Department identified and formulated national programmes on MLR during the IXth Plan and invited the major user agencies to participate in these programme. Accordingly, 8 specific rese-arch projects on assessment of marine living resources and basic research on the related aspects inclu-ding attempts in delineating influence of various oceanographic processes on fisheries were impleme-nted during 9th plan period under MLR Programme with the involvement of the major fisheries and ocean-ographic institutions like F5I. CMFRI, CIFE, CIFT, NIO.CUSAT, Andhra University in the country.

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Considering the mandate of CMLRE, the MLR programme initiated during the 9th Plan is being continued during the 10th Plan period with a wider coverage of the MLR components and necessary aug-mentation in the infrastructure and instrumentation facilities of FORV and CMLRE to ensure availability of common facilities to all participating agencies. There will also be focused research on specialized areas of national and regional importance

Activities are classified under three Heads

  • Fishery - Oceanographic surveys

  • Survey and Assessment of Living Resources

  • Basic R&D projects under MLR