MLR Programmes

Farming and pearl production in the Black lip pearl oyster (P. margaritifera): Demonstrate farming and pearl production technologies of the black lip pearl oyster at Andaman.

Bioactive antifouling compounds from selected marine organisms: Isolate and identify compounds with antifouling properties from various marine organisms.

Bioluminiscence of plankton and its significances: Study the phenomenon of bioluminescence in marine planktons and use it as pollution indicators.

Plankton diversity in the island ecosystem of Andamans: Establish the diversity of zooplankton in the coastal and open ocean of the Andaman sea.

Marine Mammals in the Indian Exclusive Zone and contiguous seas: Establish the migratory routes of cetaceans, promote eco-tourism and to detect heavy metal loads in the tissues of marine mammals.

Under the MLR programme, focussed R&D efforts, are made in the following areas;

Environment and productivity patterns in the Indian EEZ: Regular and systematic surveys to delineate inter-annual fluctuations in the environment and productivity patterns and to establish their influences on MLR.

Studies on near-shore dynamics of the SW coast with emphasis on upwelling and formation of mud banks:
Correlate the influence of coastal circulation patterns, upwelling and mudbanks on MLR.

Studies on Harmful Algal Blooms in the Indian EEZ: Monitoring and surveillance of algal blooms in the Indian EEZ and establish the cause and effect of the blooms on MLR.

Benthic fauna of the continental shelf and slope areas:
Develop bench mark data on marine benthos and establish their role in the process of mineralisation and support to demersal fishery.

Survey and assessment of deep-sea fishery resources along the Indian Continental slope:
Delineate fishing grounds, assess stock size and develop appropriate harvesting technologies.

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