Marine Ecosystem Dynamics of eastern Arabian Sea (MEDAS):

During 12th plan the projects viz. Monitoring and Modeling of Marine Ecosystems and Deep-Sea and Distant Water Fishery have been executed independently. As much of the oceanographic processes including biogeochemical and biological processes under the former project largely define and regulate the demersal fishery under latter component, it is planned to amalgamate them to implement with ecosystem approach for better linking of various trophic interactions through pelagic-benthic coupling. This new ecosystem approach would be beneficial in effectively addressing and taking forward the major findings and hypothesis derived during 12th plan viz. oxygen gradients influence the biogeochemistry and in turn biological interactions and resources along the western shelf of India, seasonal and regional processes (upwelling and convective mixing) interplay governs the trophic links, etc. Time series long term changes in oceanographic processes would be an ideal way to derive the structure and function of the ecosystem at various levels.


Resource Exploration and Inventorization System (REIS):

T he lack of data has severely constrained our ability to understand the true species diversity of our seas, let alone be in a position to predict what could live there eventually. The Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) was conceived to address these issues and the Indian Ocean node of this (IndOBIS) has specifically been designed to improve coordination between domain experts and information technology managers. The IndOBIS programme will be continued exploring the hotspots, inventorying and documenting its biodiversity from all along the Indian EEZ and also in the areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJs). The data thus obtained will be stored as a database and disseminated through web portal "" of CMLRE. The programme on Census of Marine Life (CoML), recommends DNA bar-coding as a standard tool for species identification. Barcode based on the mitochondrial gene cytochrome C oxidase subunit 1 (CoI) can provide accurate species identification across broad divisions of the animal kingdom.

Proposed Activities in the 14th Plan

->Resource Exploration and Inventorization System (REIS):
->Marine Ecosystem Dynamics of eastern Arabian Sea (MEDAS):