FORV Sagar Sampada
Technical Committee  
The composition and terms of reference of JSTAC shall be as under:
1 Prof.M.Ravindran, former Director, NIOT, Chennai Chairman
2 Dr.M.Sudhakar,Advisor,MoES Member
3 Director,NIOT,Chennai or his Nominee Member
4 Director,NCAOR,Goa or his Nominee Member
5 Director,CMLRE,Kochi Member
6 Prof.G.S.Bhatt,IISc,Banglore Member
7 Representative of Director,PRL,Ahemedabad Member
8 Representative of SCI(not below the rank of DGM,Mumbai) Member
9 Dr.P.C.Srivastava,Former DDG(Marine wing,GSI,Dehradun) Member
10 Dr.P.S.Rao,Scientist,NIO,Goa Member
11 Prof.Nittala S Sarma,Andhra University,Visakhapatanam Member
12 Shri.U.S.Ramesh,International Marine University,Visakhapatanam Member
13 Shri.D.Rajasekhar, Scientist 'E', NIOT, Chennai Member Secretary

The Fishery and Oceanographic Research Vessel (FORV) Sagar Sampada, belo-nging to the Department of Ocean Development and managed by the Centre for Marine Living Resourcea & Ecology, an attached office of the Department at Kochi is a National Facility for carrying out Research and Development programme in the fields of the Fishery and Oceanography. The Joint Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee(JSTAC) is her-eby constituted to guide the Department in the effective utilization of the national facility, FORV Sagar Sampada

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