Grant-in-Aid projects and participating Institutes

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Grant-in-Aid projects and participating Institutes
Sl No. Institute Name
1 Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajahmundry
2 Amritha School of Pharmacy, Kochi
3 Bharathidasan University, Trichy
4 Central Island Agricultural Research Institute [CIARI], Port Blair
5 Central Institute for Fishery Technology [CIFT], Kochi
6 Central Institute for Fisheries Education [CIFE], Mumbai
7 Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute [CMFRI], Kochi
8 Centre for Advanced Studies in Marine Biological [CAS-MB], Annamalai University, Patangipettai
9 College of Fisheries, Mangalore University, Mangalore
10 Department of Biotechnology, CUSAT, Kochi
11 Department of Electronics, CUSAT, Kochi
12 Department of Marine Biology, University of Goa, Goa
13 Department of Marine Biology, University of Kerala, Trivandrum
14 Department of Ocean Sciences and Marine Biology, Pondicherry University, Port Blair
15 Department of Marine Living Resources, Andhra University
16 Fishery Survey of India [FSI], Mumbai
17 Indian Institute for Science, Education & Research [IISER], Kolkata
18 Indian Institute of Science [IISC], Bangalore
19 Indian Institute of Technology [IIT], New Delhi
20 Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services [INCOIS], Hyderabad
21 Institute for Ocean Management [IOM], Anna University, Chennai
22 Institute of Science, University of Mumbai
23 Kamaraj College, M S University Thoothukudi
24 Kerala University for Fisheries and Oceanographic Studies [KUFOS], Kochi
25 Manomaniam Sundaranar University, Thirunelveli
26 National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources [NBFGR], Lucknow/Kochi
27 National Centre for Aquatic Animal Health [NCAAH], CUSAT, Kochi
28 National Centre for Coastal Research [NCCR], Chennai
29 National Centre for Polar & Ocean Research [NCPOR], Goa
30 National Institute of Ocean Technology [NIOT], Chennai
31 National Instiute of Oceanography [NIO], Goa/Kochi/Mumbai
32 National Physical Oceanographic Laboratory, Kochi
33 Physical Research Laboratory [PRL], Ahemedabad
34 School of Industrial Fisheries, CUSAT, Kochi
35 School of Marine Sciences, CUSAT, Kochi
36 Space Application Centre, Ahemedabad
37 Vellore Institute of Technology [VIT], Vellore
38 Zoological Survey of India [ZSI], Kolkata