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1. Particulars of Organisation, Functions and Duties


Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology (CMLRE)

ATAL BHAVAN, Ministry of Earth Sciences
Government of India
LNG Road. Puthu Vypin South, Ochanthuruthu PO,
Kochi-682508 Kerala

Head of organization: Dr. G. V. M. Gupta

For organizing, coordinating and promoting ocean research and development activities in the country which inter-alia include mapping of the living resources, preparing an inventory of commercially exploitable living marine resources, their optimum utilization through ecosystem management and R&D in basic sciences on Marine Living Resources and Ecology.

The Marine Living Resources (MLR) Programme envisages survey, assessment, and exploitation of the MLR and studies on the response of MLR to changes in the physical environment with the objective of developing an ecosystem model for the management of the living resources in the Indian EEZ.

The Fishery Oceanographic Research Vessel (FORV) Sagar Sampada is fully utilized for these studies with the support of Vessel Management Cell (VMC). Earlier plan projects include MLR surveys in the EEZ focus on deep sea fishery, Tuna-resources, harmful algal blooms, bioluminescent planktons, marine mammals, environment and the productivity patterns. These efforts are complimented through allied activities under MLR namely studies on benthos of the continental slope area, studies on biodiversity of planktons in Andaman sea, studies on the near-shore dynamics with special reference to upwelling and mud-banks, application-oriented R&D on production of pearls from the black-lip pearl oyster, development of antifouling compounds from the marine organisms, modelling efforts and maintenance of a Data & Referral Centre on FORV collections. Ongoing continuing activities with in-house component only during 2017-20 with a view to strengthening our scientific capability and build the infrastructure in the CMLRE upcoming new campus. The scope mentioned above is proposed to be addressed by restructuring the 12thplan activities based on the IRC recommendations into the following two projects will be carried out during 2017-20,

  1. Marine Ecosystem Dynamics of the eastern Arabian Sea (MEDAS)
  2. Resource Exploration and Inventorization System (REIS)

2. Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees
Designation Name Power and Duties of Employees
Director, Sc-G Dr. G. V. M. Gupta Director
Scientist-F Dr. A. Shivaji
Scientist-F Shri N. Saravanane
Scientist-E Dr. Rasheed Kunjumohammed
Scientist-E Smt. C.R Asha Devi
Scientist-E Dr. Sherine Sonia Cubelio
Scientist-D Dr. Anil Kumar Vijayan
Scientist-D Dr. Smitha B R
Scientist-D Dr.Hashim Manjebrayakath
Scientist-D Dr. Kusum Komal Karati
Scientist-D Dr. Sendhil Kumar
Scientist-C Shri.Telson Noronha
Scientist-C Shri.M Subramanian
Scientist-C Shri. Vasu C
Sr. Technical Assistant Shri. Kishore Kumar
Under Secretary Shri.Varghese Yohannan
Sr. Accounts Officer Smt. K.P. Preethi
Assistant Section Officer Smt. Ajitha Kumari
LDC Shri. Unnikrishanan
LDC Smt. K R Jaysree
PA Smt.Sheeba Alex
FH Shri. Tapan Kumar Malo
FH Shri. K.R. Sunilkumar
FH Shri.M. Rathinavel
FH Shri. S.B. Prakash
FH Shri. V. Binoy
FH Shri. V.K. Pradeep Kumar
MTS Shri. T.A. Nassy
MTS Shri. K.K. Divakaran
MTS Shri. P.V. Sasi

3. Procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability

  • Final decision making authority: Director, CMLRE/Secretary, MoES, New Delhi
  • Related provision, Acts, rules etc.: As per the rules and guidelines issued by GOI and approved by the MoES
  • Time limit or taking decision: As expeditiously as possible
  • Channel of supervision and accountability: As per the flow chart described above

4. Norms set by the Department for the discharge of its functions.


While performing the duties assigned to the different officers/staff, they exercise by and large the powers prescribed by the guidelines issued by the Government from time to time as well as those prescribed under different manuals, rules like General Financial Rules, Delegation of Financial Power Rules, Manual of Office Procedures, etc.

5. Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by the Department or under its control or used by its employees for discharge its functions


The officers/staff of CMLRE discharge their functions based on the guidelines issued by the Government from time to time as well as those prescribed under different manuals, rules like General Financial Rules, Delegation of Financial Power Rules, Manual of Office Procedures, etc.

6. Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof.


There is no provision to seek direct consultation/ participation of public or its representation formulation of policies of CMLRE or its implementation. The policies should implement after due process and with approval of the approval of Secretary, MoES, Government of India.

7. A statement of boards, council, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the propose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of these boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to public

  1. CMLRE Research Advisory Committee
  2. Sl. No. Name/Institute Capacity
    1.Dr.T. Balsubramanian,Vice Chancellor, Chettinadu UniversityChairman
    2.Dr.N.Ramaiah,Scientist (Retd),NIO,GoaMember
    2.Dr.Y.S.Yadava,Director,BoBP-IGO, ChennaiMember
    2.Dr. R.Kirubagaran,Scietist G (Retd),NIOTMember
    2.Dr. P.N.Vinayachandran, IISc, BangaloreMember
    2.Dr. GVM Gupta, Scientist FMember Secretary
  3. CMLRE Purchase Committee-Indented Items Above twenty five Lakhs
  4. Sl. No. Name Capacity
    1.Mr. N. SaravananeChairman
    2.Dr. Rasheed K.Member
    3.Mr. C. VasuMember
    2.Dr. Hashim M.Member Secretary
  5. CMLRE Purchase Committee-Indented Items below twenty five Lakhs
  6. Sl. No. Name Capacity
    1.Mrs. AshaChairman
    2.Mr. M.SubramanianMember
    3.Ms. Ajitha KumariMember
    2.Dr. Hashim M.Member
  7. CMLRE Official Language Implementation Committee
  8. Sl. No. Name Capacity
    1.Dr. M.V. Ramana MurthyChairman
    2.Dr. A. ShivajiHindi Officer
    3.Mrs. C.R. Asha DeviMember
    2.Varghese YohannanMember
  9. CMLRE Publication Committee
  10. Sl. No. Name Capacity
    1.Dr. RajendranChairman
    2.To be nominated Hindi Officer
    3.To be nominatedMember
    2.Mrs. C.R. AshadeviMember Secretary

8. Directory of the officers and employees of the Department

Directory of the officers and employees of the Department
Designation Name Email Phone Number Intercom
Director, Sc-G Dr. G. V. M. Gupta gvmgupta[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in 0484-29440044004
Scientist-F Dr.A. Shivaji ashivaji[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440094009
Scientist-F Shri N. Saravanane saravanane[at]cmIre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440164016
Scientist-F Dr. Rasheed Kunjumohammed rasheed[at]cmIre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440174017
Scientist-E Smt. C.R Asha Devi ashacr[at]gmail[dot]com0484-29440144014
Scientist-E Dr.Sherine Sonia Cubelio sherine[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440114011
Scientist-D Dr.Anil Kumar Vijayan anilkumarv[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440154015
Scientist-D Dr.Smitha B R smitha[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440184018
Scientist-D Dr.Hashim Manjebrayakath hashim[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440104010
Scientist-D Dr. Kusum Komal Karati karatikusum[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440124012
Scientist-D Dr. Sendhil Kumar sendhil[dot]r[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440134013
Scientist-C Shri.Telson Noronha noronha[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440194019
Scientist-C Shri.M Subramanian subramanian[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440214021
Scientist-C Shri. Vasu C cvasu[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in0484-29440204020
Sr. Technical Assistant Shri. B. Kishore kumar kishore[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in ******4025
Under Secretary Shri.Varghese Yohannan uscmlrechn-moes[at]nic[dot]in0484-29440084008
Sr. Accounts Officer Smt. K.P Preethi aocmlrechn-moes[at]nic[dot]in0484-29440074007
Sr. Section Officer Smt. Ajitha Kumari ajimattathil[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4028
LDC Shri. Unnikrishanan unnik[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4030
LDC Smt. K R Jaysree krjaysree[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4029
PA Smt. Sheeba Alex sheeba[dot]alex[at]gov[dot]in************
FH Shri. Tapan Kumar Malo tapan[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4026
FH Shri. K.R. Sunilkumar sunil[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4026
FH Shri.M. Rathinavel rathinavel[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4026
FH Shri. S.B. Prakash prakash[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4026
FH Shri. V. Binoy binoy[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4026
FH Shri. V.K. Pradeep Kumar pradeep[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4026
MTS Shri. T.A. Nassy nassy[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4031
MTS Shri. K.K. Divakaran divakaran[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4031
MTS Shri. P.V. Sasi sasipv[at]cmlre[dot]gov[dot]in******4031

9. Monthly Remuneration Received By Each of its Officers and Employees, including the System of compensation

Monthly Remuneration Received By Each of its Officers and Employees
Sl.No Name Basic Pay (Rs)
1 Dr. G. V. M. Gupta ****
2 Dr. A. Shivaji 134500
3 Shri N. Saravanane 130600
4 Dr. Rasheed Kunjumohammed 86100
5 Smt. C.R Asha Devi 86100
6 Dr. Sherine Sonia Cubelio 83600
7 Dr. Anil Kumar Vijayan 83600
8 Dr. Smitha B R 78800
9 Dr. Hashim Manjebrayakath 78800
10 Dr. Kusum Komal Karati
11 Shri. Telson Noronha 78500
12 Shri. M. Subramanian 67700
13 Shri. Vasu C 67700
14 Shri. Kishore Kumar 50500
15 Shri. Varghese Yohannan 80900
16 Smt. Preethy Shaji
17 Smt. Ajitha Kumari 47600
18 Shri. Unnikrishanan 39200
19 Smt. K R Jaysree 41600
20 Smt. Sheeba Alex 68000
20 Shri. Tapan Kumar Malo 60400
21 Shri. K.R. Sunilkumar 60400
22 Shri. M. Rathinavel 60400
23 Shri. S.B. Prakash 60400
24 Shri. V. Binoy 50500
25 Shri. V.K. Pradeep Kumar 50500
26 Shri. T.A. Nassy 33000
27 Shri. K.K. Divakaran 32000
28 Shri. P.V. Sasi 31100

10. Budget Allocated to Department and to each Agency under its control under the Fourteenth Finance Commission (2017-20)